Vinařství Clos Quebrada de Macul

Stella Aurea 2014 0,75l

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 79 %
  • Merlot: 7 %
  • Cabernet Franc: 3 %
  • Petit Verdot: 11 %
2018 – 2026
Hodnocení vína sommelierem:

The 2014 Stella Aurea is a more elegant version of the Domus Aurea and has some grapes from plot number five that is planted with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. This is selected from the barrels of Domus that have a more elegant profile, and it has a mixture of red and black fruit (without any menthol notes) and classical Maipo character but a very different expression than Domus. Fermentation was in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts, and the élevage was in 50/50 new and used oak barrels and lasted some 18 months. The palate is subtle, with fine-grained tannins, a soft texture and a very clean, long finish. 5,490 bottles were filled in January 2016.

2014 has to be one of the finest vintages at Quebrada de Macul, with wines that remind me of the 2010 vintage. 2015 was another warm and dry year, 2016 was cooler, lighter and had some challenges, and 2017 was warm again, with low yields but without reaching the same level as other years. And 2018 could be another dream year in the making. For now, the 2014s here are superb, textbook examples of Maipo and more specifically Macul.

CENA JE BEZ DOPRAVY A BALENÍ. PŘI OBJEDNÁVCE 6ks LAHVÍ (a více, i mix - mimo Arboleda (Carmenere a Sauvignon Blanc) SLEVA 10%.


1190 Kč cena vč. DPH

Kolekce Stella Aurea je vyrobená ze stejných hroznů jako Domus Aurea a Alba de Domus. Mohla by reprezentovat ženskou verzi intenzivního Domus Aurea. Pouze rozmanitost, kterou nabízí kolekce Stella Aurea, dovoluje vyrábět tak originální víno. Toto víno je nefiltrováno, aby se zachovala původní chuť a integrita, což oceníte více, pokud ji budete dlouho uchovávat. 


"Deep and dense ruby gamet, Alba 2014 gives a typical nose of the "a Ito Macu I" area: lmpressive bright notes of berries such as blackcurrants and raspberries, sweeter and balsamic tones of menthol with spicy blond tobacco and hints of graphite adding elegance. The mouth is round and fleshy, greatly structured by well-integrated fine and velvety tannins. A powerful profile nowadays that shall move to promised elegance, thanks to a natural balance and great depth. The long finish will give even more in the years to come but is already a faithful portrait of what is Alba's identity"
The 2014 harvest conditions in Maipo Valley were marked by a drier than winter the average, with a cumulative 230 mm of rainfall from May to September 2013. The severe frosts that touched the whole Centra! Valley during the second half of September did not affect our estate in Pefíalolen, as bud break had not yet occurred. H owever, it did delay the budding of Cabernet Sauvignon and at the end of November; growth was still very limited. Flowering was rather heterogeneous, ending in a significant level of coulure on the late varieties. The y ields on Cabernet Sauvignon were naturally low, while cluster thinning was applied to the Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot varietals. Summer was warm and dry, with December and January experiencing higher temperatures and veraison occurring earlier than usual. Ultimately, harvest started earlier than average, yet under optima! conditions. This exceptional vintage was truly balanced with expressive fruit, complexity, structure and concentration. Soft fining with egg whites and very light filtration finish the process.
14,90 %
4,90 g/l.
2,50 g/l.
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